Is it Possible to Break Glass by Airsoft Guns?

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This article will help you to learn how powerful your gun is. Typical airsoft replicas cannot break a glass until you put down a whole mag on the weaker stained-glass variety. To break normal glass, you need to shoot some pretty heavy ordinates. A normal plastic BBs cannot generate sufficient power to pass through a window or even a kitchen glass. You will know the reason just below.

How Much Force Does It Require to Shatter Glass?

If you want to break 25 square inches of regular glass, you should exceed the 6000-psi strength limit of the glass. This means you need to form about 15 pounds of force if you are smashing a huge item at the glass. You just need a fraction of the force to break the glass if you are using smaller objects. It is almost impossible to shatter the glass with the use of regular ol’ plastic BBs unless the glass is destructed in the first place. Let us see how you can make an airsoft sniper rifle for sale shoot projectiles at high speeds to smash the glass.

Your Airsoft Gun Can be a Window Killer

Just an upgrade cannot allow any airsoft sniper rifle for sale to break the glass. Even AEGs and spring pistols are upgraded to shoot BBs at 450 feet per second and then also the glass will not break with a single burst. However, the gas-operated guns especially those used in the military can shatter even normal glass. Gas-powered replicas are somewhat similar to fully automatic guns. Without any upgrade, you can use this one as the very powerful than the most AEGs. The same blowback and recoil can be obtained as you would get from firing a real gun. These gas-powered replicas act as the training weapons offered to the military. They have the capacity to fire projectiles by delivering compressed gas that forces BBs down the barrel. They either use carbon dioxide (CO2) or green gas (propane).

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Encounter Real Window Killers

The minigun and the Strafer, M2 HB Heavy Machine gun are real window killers. The Strafer is the world’s quickest firing airsoft sniper rifle for sale at 150-175 BBs per second. It can travel at a maximum of 625 FPS which is more than enough to shatter a window. To make things good or worse relying on the side of the fence you stand, there are guns that come with a DB Customs Tighbore barrel which offers it a ridiculous range of 75 yards without losing its accuracy.

Also, the M2 HB Heavy Machine gun is not either a child’s play. It has been designed after the classic World War II and it can do its absolute best to exhibit its destructive power. It weighs 61 pounds and it is the most heavier and maneuverable gun on the field. Once you send 100-600 6mm or 8mm BBs downrange at 500 FPS, there is nothing to care about maneuverability. You can simply become the king of the hill.


How to Prepare for Your Bikini Competition: Last Week Guide

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A bikini fitness competition is a rising trend among various female bodybuilders of the 21st century. These competitions aren’t necessarily based on toned bodies, but today as a result of several body acceptance campaigns, these competitions mainly look for the most aesthetically pleasing bodies with bare clothing.

Hence, if you’re a bodybuilder looking to participate in a bikini completion in 2019, there is one thing you should know. The week before this competition you are required to indulge in some serious dieting and cutting back on calories. Now, this isn’t exactly the epitome of a fitness regime, and in many ways can render you tired.

However, this rigorous process is undertaken by almost all models partaking in this competition. So, given below is the last week diet regime followed by top models who are participating in a bikini fitness competition.bikini competition

Let’s Begin:


Most top models undergo rigorous training and begin their day by walking in the treadmill to burn 300 calories. Then after some strength training, comes the diet routine. Start your day with a few almonds and 2 eggs and spinach then for lunch have 300 grams of boiled chicken, with 200 grams of beans and 100 grams of sweet potatoes.

Snack again with avocadoes and a rice cake around midafternoon and for dinner consume sweet potato and 150 grams of baked fish. Lastly, go to bed 20 grams of protein powder with oats. Also, note that you consume at least 3.5 liters of water each day.

Tuesday to Thursday

Tuesday commences the start of the peak week, so focus on cardio and strength training rigorously. Also, for your bikini fitness competition, your body requires to showcase a toned look with tight muscles. So, stop taking the protein powder as this can retain water and contribute to water weight.

Now, instead of protein powder to ensure that you’re consuming adequate protein switch it with egg whites and oats. These might be disgusting to taste, but it’ll work brilliantly to tighten your muscles. Consume these for breakfast using 100-gram egg whites with oats and cinnamon.

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For lunch go for consuming 100 grams of asparagus and sweet potatoes separately. In addition to this for getting an immense tight figure for your bikini fitness competition 200 grams of white fish or chicken, alternatively.

Further, snack around mid-afternoon with avocado and rice cakes, occasionally you can use a dollop of almond butter for boosting flavoring. For dinner again stick to 300 grams of boiled chicken with a sprinkle of salt and 100 grams of sweet potato for carbs and energy. Now, note that you are drinking adequate water the entire day to flush out toxins and prevent bloating.


Now, the day before the competition is of vital import as most bodybuilders’ end up consuming excess carbs or other unnecessary foods that contribute to bloating. To avoid this scene, eat throughout the day in smaller amounts. Consume sweet potatoes with skin, asparagus, boiled turkey, egg whites with oats and white fish. However, ensure that you don’t exceed four small meals a day.

Lastly, as per the notes of the dietician consume the necessary supplements and you’re ready for your bikini fitness competition. So, strut with style and smile to win the best bikini body award of 2019.